Web-based Location based service for sheriffs and courts

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address validation and geocoding software
Prosource Technologies is launching Sheriff Lookup Genius, a service aimed at debt collection and legal firms which identifies the correct sheriff and court relating to an address.

Using Prosource’s address validation and geo-coding software, the service address is placed accurately within a magisterial district, and more specifically within a sheriff’s area. The service will then return the correct magisterial district, high and magistrates’ court, sheriff for the high and magistrates’ court as well as the latest contact information for the courts and sheriffs and displays the information on a map.

Making use of LBS technology has the distinct advantage over traditional name-based searches in that specifying a location is precise and unambiguous, and the combination of the company’s address validation software and mapping features further ensure that the correct sheriff/court is returned. The service is available as an online one-on-one lookup service, a bulk lookup service, or a web service API for integration into third-party software.

The Sheriff Lookup Genius will help you identify the correct magisterial district, court or sheriff. Just enter a service address or suburb and Sheriff Lookup Genius will return the following information to you.

To view Sheriff Lookup Genius go to www.sherifflookup.co.za

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