Cloud On Demand unveils Hybrid Cloud POD offering

| November 20, 2014 | 0 Comments


Cloud On Demand is providing customers the ability to take advantage of its new Hybrid Cloud POD offering, which is ideal for customers who want to move into the cloud, but are concerned about security and compliance issues.

Customers will be able to take their business applications and data to a “public cloud” environment due to the POD (Point of Deployment) solution from Cloud On Demand, while at the same time taking advantage of a secure, ring-fenced environment that boasts the same features and functionality as a “private cloud”.

Jonathan Kropf (CEO at Cloud On Demand) says that their partners are “increasingly requesting private infrastructure space for their client’s cloud real estate, which is what prompted [Cloud on Demand] to create POD environments to meet the needs of the specific customers”. Kropf further stated that the essence of what a POD will provide is a “stand-alone high performance cluster that is in its own rack, on segregated hardware and that only you / they have access to”.

The advantage of this model is that it immediately provides customers an independent environment that is exclusively theirs and that only they have access to. Each POD is configured with its own VMware vCentre software as well as VMware Site Recovery Manager – this immediately provides the remote management required to manage the location as well as enables remote disaster recovery from a hybrid to public cloud situation. Partners can then layer the applications of their clients on these servers.

In addition, partners can also use the PODs to provide secure, high performance solutions that are supported by vSAN technology. This means that a customer will experience the same speed of access they have grown accustomed to from their own in-house enterprise server and data centre environments.

“Our PODs provide customers all of the benefits of a public and private cloud, but in a hybrid cloud. In essence you are immediately excluded from all other customers, which is currently one of the biggest requests, specifically from enterprise customers, whose primary concern is security and data leaks. Each POD is simply an extension of the client’s LAN of which either a partner or their customer has complete and total control over,” ends Kropf.

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