E-learning Boosts Sales

| March 27, 2014 | 0 Comments


Resellers who use e-learning as an education platform, have increased sales of up to 2-4 times more than resellers who are trained the “old-school” way.

This is according to Randhir Vieira (vice president of product marketing at Mindflash), who believes that “classroom” training; webinars and seminars should be a thing of the past.

There are two online institutions that can help resellers gain more knowledge about the products and its benefits. This can prove to be helpful to the resellers that want information whenever and wherever, and if they work for a company that doesn’t provide e-learning training programs.

CompTIA offers some of its channel learning courses in cloud, mobile and security and focuses on solution providers, value-added resellers (VAR) and consultants who want to improve their specific business objectives. http://www.comptia.org/training.aspx

K Alliance
K Alliance is ideal for hardware and/or software resellers and distributors and independent consultants and trainers (IT, Desktop, SoftSkills). http://www.kalliance.com/solutions/reseller/

Some vendors also provide resellers with e-learning training on their websites, which is worth a check out to drive increased sales.

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