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“I’m not one to seek self-affirmation through achievement because in a leadership role much of your achievement is based on the effort of others.”

Job Title: Alliance & Channel Director and Cloud, BPS and SaaS Partner Programmes


1. What are your top channel priorities for 2014?

Within Oracle South Africa our Top Drivers in this financial year is to ensure that we achieve consistent & focused growth by delivering value to all our current & prospective customers through our Specialized Partner Community. We have delivered significant growth over the last year within our Partner business and we are focusing on closing the year strong.

2. From an Oracle perspective, what could be the biggest challenge for the channel in 2014?

Given the fact that Oracle consistently innovates at a rapid pace by acquiring or creating new products and solutions, our biggest opportunity is assisting our partners to on-board these in order to assist customers to derive greater value from the information they hold within their organizations through the power of Big Data, Cloud & Social.

3. What IT trend will be the next big thing?

Social, without a doubt! I’m not referring to “sharing pics with granny on social media” though. The reality is that as economies have modernized since the Industrial Age, the one constant has been us humans, and we like to engage, talk, obtain information, solve problems jointly – so without a doubt the next “big thing” is Social Intelligence, Social Sourcing, Social Marketing & Sales, Social Everything.

4. If you could pack only three things for a business trip of one week, what would it be?

My BlackBerry Z30, Gym Clothes & Toiletry Bag. In fact, that is all I take when traveling in Africa – checked baggage often disappears!

5. Three electronic devices you cannot live without?

My BlackBerry Z30, my Tablet & Fitbit.

6. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I’m not one to seek self-affirmation through achievement because in a leadership role much of your achievement is based on the effort of others, but if I have to critically analyse I would say my ability to consistently achieve turnaround successes for those that entrust me with their businesses.

7. What was your most embarrassing moment ever?

I love the fact that we’re all human and that we can embarrass ourselves totally. The secret of course is to not take yourself too seriously. Like the day I walked up on stage in front of the entire Oracle South Africa community at a Customer Day chairing a panel discussion where I kept on calling two of the customers by names which weren’t theirs at all!

8. Do you prefer nature or city life, and where is your favourite place?

I definitely prefer city life, but often break away to the bush outside Bela-Bela to recharge.

9. Who do you regard the most successful person ever and what is your definition of success?

“Success” to me is in essence the ability to creatively set out a new course of action, idea or behavioural change that will result in overall growth or improvement and to tenaciously follow through to ensure this becomes the new de facto standard. One person that in my view achieved this on so many levels was Leonardo da Vinci.

10. One word that best describe your work ethic?



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